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Who will mark the underground utilities for free before I dig?


Where can I get local information on tree planting in my yard?


Where can I buy my tree?


Who can help me take care of my trees?


Where can I see photographs of Native Texas Trees?


How about fruits and nuts?


Where is the best information on planting yard trees?


What about bugs and diseases?


Where can I get information in Spanish?

  • Texas A&M Forest Service en Español
    El Servicio Forestal de Texas A&M ofrece asistencia y respuestas a las preguntas que pueda tener sobre los árboles, la gestión del terreno o la protección contra incendios forestales.
    Sitio Web en Español:
    Contacto: o 979-314-9201


How do I join with people in my area who love to plant trees?


Where can I find books or articles on Texas Trees?

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The information on this website was first compiled from dozens of regional and local Texas tree planting guides. Then, over two centuries of Texas A&M Forest Service forester's tree planting knowledge was used to help decide which trees will grow best in your yard. The beautiful illustrations are by Robert O'Brien. Other than printing pages from this website for personal use, all images are protected by copyright and may not be used without permission. This project has been funded in part by the USDA Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program.

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